Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Isaac Asimov Bibliography, pt 1

Books about Isaac Asimov - in whole or in part

Isaac Asimov: A Checklist of Works Published in the United States, March 1939-May 1972
by Marjorie M. Miller, Kent State University Press, 1972

The Asimov Science Fiction Bibliography
compiled by M. B. Tepper, Chinese Ducked Press, 1970

Isaac Asimov: an Annotated Bibliography of the Asimov Collection at Boston University
by Scott E. Green, Greenwood Press, 1995

Isaac Asimov, Reader's Guide 40
by Donald M. Hassler, 1991

Asimov Analyzed
In Search of Wonder: "Asimov and Empire"
--Critiques of SF authors and their ouvre
by Damon Knight, Advent Publishers, 1967, pp. 90-94

The Universe Makers: "The Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire"
critiques of authors and their creations
by Donald A. Wollheim, Harper & Row, 1971

Words and Their Masters: "Isaac Asimov"
by Israel Shenker, Doubleday, 1974, pp. 253-255

Asimov Analyzed
by Neil Goble, Mirage, 1972

The Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov
by Joseph F. Patrouch, Jr., Doubleday, 1974

Asimov's Foundation Trilogy and Other Works: Notes, Including Life of the Author, an Overview of Asimov's Science Fiction, Categories of Science Fiction, Analyses of the Works
by L. David Allen consulting editor, James L. Roberts, Cliffs Notes, 1977

Isaac Asimov, the Foundations of Science Fiction
by James Gunn, Oxford University Press, 1982

Isaac Asimov, the Foundations of Science Fiction (Revised and Updated Edition)
by James Gunn, Scarecrow Press, 1996

Seekers of Tomorrow: "Isaac Asimov"
--Biographies of notable science fiction authors. One chapter on Asimov
by Sam Moskowitz, World, 1966, pp. 249-265

Isaac Asimov
edited by Joseph D. Olander and Martin Harry Greenberg, Taplinger Pub. Co., 1977

Speaking of Science Fiction: The Paul Walker Interviews
Interviews with Science Fiction writers, one with Isaac Asimov
by Paul Walker, Luna Publications, 1978

Dream Makers: Interviews by Charles Platt, "Isaac Asimov"
by Charles Platt, Berkley, 1980

Isaac Asimov
by Jean Fiedler and Jim Mele. Ungar, c1982

Isaac Asimov - Scientist and Storyteller
by Ellen Erlanger, Lerner Publications Co., c1986

Isaac Asimov
by Donald M. Hassler, Starmont House, 1989

Isaac Asimov
by William F. Touponce, Twayne Publishers, 1991

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