Friday, August 13, 2010

Asimov in The Futurians Pt 2

Knight continues:

When Asimov came to see me in New York in the fall of 1975, he brought with him a black-bound record book, his diary for 1938. It was in that year (when he was 17) that he began to keep a diary, he has kept it ever since, and there are now 38 volumes on his shelf.

But whereas nowadays it's only a literary diary," he said, "in 1938 it contained full details of every baseball game, full details of the Munich crisis, every day, what was happening, what speeches were made, how much money my father pulled in in that week, and so on. And also science fiction, because in 1938 I was just beginning to write science fiction, my first submission was on June 21, 1938, and after that I always put down where I sent stories and when I got rejections, and so on."

Asimov described the first meeting of the Futurians in his diary, and I'll share it here tomorrow.

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