Friday, March 2, 2012

An example of headline writing

This article has nothing to do with Isaac Asimov per se, except that it's something he would have deplored - and I thought it was funny.

A variety of newspapers must have received a press release yesterday on the fleas that used to exist in dinosaur times - discovered in China - and whoever writes their headlines was really trying to attract readers!

It's kind of funny to see the "attention-grabbing" headlines that the papers have used for this story:

Massive Jurassic fleas fed on dinosaurs
The State Column
Massive Jurassic fleas snacked on dinosaurs, according to a study published in the journal Nature Wednesday. The massive Jurassic fleas measured approximately one inch long, researchers reveal. “That's a beast,” said Michael Engel, one of the study's ...

Giant Fleas Feasted on Dinosaur Blood, Scientists Say
International Business Times
By Amir Khan: Subscribe to Amir's RSS feed Giant fleas feasted on dinosaur blood in the Jurassic era, according to a new study. At nearly 1 inch (2.5 cm) long, these bloodsuckers were eight times larger than their modern-day counterparts.

International Business Times
Inch-long Jurassic fleas slurped feathered dinosaur blood
Scientists have discovered fossils of several large fleas measuring about inch-long that are thought to have fed on feathered dinosaurs back in the Jurassic period. The fossils of the giant fleas were unearthed at two separate sites in China.

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