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Wealth Coaching: Understanding Wealth Creation III

From Business Day: Wealth Coaching: Understanding Wealth Creation III 

“Many times in life, we find ourselves with a handful of blocks of different sizes and shapes out of which we can build beautiful aspects of life” (Isaac Asimov).
Ignorance, disease, greed and dishonesty are factors that make a community to become poor, and negate community empowerment. Of course, with communal poverty also come attendant problems of learned helplessness and apathy. Ultimately, people give up hope and give in to despair, as they stop being creative in making efforts that would compel personal and communal transformation as they give in to a state of mental poverty. This eventually results in the social problem of communal poverty.
A community is poor when majority of its members are disadvantaged because they are either not empowered or lack wealth creation opportunities. Communal poverty is a particularly damaging social problem resulting from individual members’ lack of capacity to create opportunities for communal wealth and positive shared values within the community. There is therefore uneven distribution of resources and restricted access of the majority to the communal wealth.
Wealth creation is of course the most realistic antidote to personal and communal poverty. It also remains the most sustainable way to reverse any form of poverty, especially mental poverty (or a state of “poverty mentality”). Poverty mentality makes people believe in and share despair, ignorance, hopelessness, helplessness, apathy, and inertia.
Poverty as a social problem requires a realistic socio-economic solution. And, only sustained wealth creation can reverse the dangerous trend of communal poverty. This is through the process of unlocking and unleashing the potentials of individuals within the community to create value through their special skills to benefit self and others.
The key to wealth creation is therefore a combination of three personal attributes. The first is an increase in personal awareness; the second is the personal belief in the ability to create sustainable value and make a real difference; and the third attribute is the energy (passion) to build the capacity to compel change. The combination of these personal attributes results from personal inspiration.
All truly wealthy people are inspired to bring about positive and lasting change in their sphere of influence by motivating and inspiring people to commit to communal transformation and empowerment.
True wealth thus refers to the kind and extent of investments that a person makes in positively impacting people and the community, with or without his material riches. In other words, true wealth is the same thing as exerting positive influence in the process of empowerment.
Wealth creation is a reflection of how you play to your strength the mind games that revolve around your creativity, ideas, finances, contribution to others, investments, spending, saving, entrepreneurship, business, and several others that empower or disempower you. All of these have to do with how we frame our minds in relation to what we think about wealth and being wealthy.
For instance, there is a popular saying that “health is wealth”. The implication or suggestion of this saying is that a person that is enjoying good health is wealthy.
It would therefore imply that a rich man that understands and accepts this belief about wealth would have to invest money, time and other resources to become healthy, and indeed wealthy. Of course the literal meaning of “health is wealth” is that money cannot buy you true health.
So, if you enjoy good health and do not have so much money, or as much money as those that are supposedly rich but not enjoying the best of good health, you can consider yourself to have some level of wealth through your healthy status. Again, it is all a matter of personal mind frames and perceptions, which may not in fact be the truth or express the reality of the situation.
Interestingly, our mind frames are so personal to us because we have formed them based on the meanings that we have attached or given to what we believe. As a result, we are the only ones that can allow the altering of that mind frame and in the process accept an alternative learning process, which makes us to ‘change our mind’ in response to the change of meanings that we now attach to a certain belief.
Our beliefs rule our thoughts and act out our mind frames and the meanings that we associate with specific beliefs. As a result, we are either empowered or weakened by our beliefs and thoughts.
If we really believe that we can do or achieve something, especially if we can harness our internal (mind) resources to propel our belief and we have the capacity to do or achieve the specific goal, we will achieve it.

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  1. Rightly said. True investment can only lead you towards the true wealth. Making money can be simple but it is not easy. One should have to be strong-minded and innovative. Thanks.
    Sasha de Bretton