Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Autobiography of Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov wrote about his life in two books, In Memory Yet Green, 1920-1954, which covers the first 34 years of his lfe. It was published in 1979.

In Joy Still Felt, 1954-1978 which covered the last 24 years of his life up until that time, was published in 1981.

He would go on to live until 1992, when he died at the age of 72, from complications from AIDS, contracted when he had had his heart operation some years before.

Asimov's wife, Janet, apparently felt that these two books suffered from not showing enough of the real Asimov, and persuaded him to write another book of memoirs, entitled I, Asimov in which he would reveal more of himself. (Interestingly, it was when reading I, Asimov that I first conceived a bit of a dislike for him, as it turned out that he had actually cheated on his first wife, something he had not confessed to in his first two autobiographies.)

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