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Asimov in the News: Local students don’t want their future trashed Local students don’t want their future trashed

After reading Isaac Asimov’s “Where Does the Garbage Go?” fifth-grade students in one of Hermine Drossos’ reading groups at A.J. Smith Elementary School in Union Springs wrote to The Citizen with their worries for the future. In observation of Earth Day, The Citizen has published their letters below.

The essays have been reprinted as submitted.

Dear editor,

I am a fifth grade student at AJ Smith Elementary. I am concerned that soon we might be the last ones alive if people don’t stop littering. Also, all the animals will die. It is bad for the Earth. It is just sickening that people leave their garbage near rivers, lakes and oceans. If they go swimming there, they will smell a lot of garbage and no one would want to go there anymore. Think about the animals that live there, they could get hurt real badly. What if you were those animals and tried to survive with all that revolting garbage?

Some people don’t care about the Earth. Did you know that each person in the U.S. produces more then a half a ton of garbage each year. People should think before they throw stuff outside. We should throw away less because the more garbage we throw away, the more we pollute. We need to recycle more and stop burning stuff like plastic that will pollute the air, because it’s bad for our health. Some people dump trash next to the ocean. What about all those cool fish in the ocean? Here’s an idea, grownups and their kids could get together and figure out a way to help people and animals to be healthy.


Tyler K.

Dear editor,

Hello, my name is Jonathan Bower, and I’m a 5th grade student at AJ Smith Elementary in Auburn. I’m worried about the growing problem of garbage in our landfills. It takes 450 years for a plastic can 6-pack cover to decompose, probably not even 1 of them has! It is undetermined how long it takes for a glass bottle to decompose!

I believe that recycling as much as we can will solve the problem. We can fix old blankets and give them to the Salvation Army. Also think about not buying wrapping paper, you can recycle newspapers. We should think about using biomass, biomass waste, and water for energy not coal, nuclear, natural gas and oil. We only have 40-70 year left of focal fuel and it pollutes. It also causes global warming, so change to the good choice. We should also stop burning garbage, it releases bad chemicals in to the air. 1 last thing toxic waste is a bad idea. How about wind energy and solar? There are many ways to help the environment.


Jonathan bower

Dear editor,

I am a fifth grad student at AJ Smith Elementary and I am concerned about Garbage. I would like to know what we can do about all of this trash in the world. I am concerned because the air and the water is being piloted rate now as we sit here and speak. You and I both know that everyone like to go to the zoo. But if the air is piloted no one can go there and see all of there animals. Also if the water is piloted you can’t go to the beach and to tell you the truth I like the beach and the zoo a lot and I know my kids will too. So I would rely rely like it if everyone would stop and think, “Is this going to help or is this going heart the world?” and then find out what you think you could do with the trash. If you know something about it and then I think you are a real hero That’s why we should participate in Earth Day,

Here are just some suggestions that I think will help the world be a bettor place for everyone to live in. I think everyone should have at least one bin for their recycling in their house. So then when someone is about to go throw something away he or she will start putting it in the correct bin. I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I was thinking maybe we could even make some solar panels for factories or other big baseness, because I know that sun will never give off any pollution at all. But I doknow the things we are using now will really hurt the planet a lot. Please think about everything I has said.


Anthony J. Whiffen

Dear editor,

I am an A.J. student and I am concerned that we don’t recycle things that can be recycled. For example glass can be recycled. I am also concerned about all of the litter. We are polluting the world and I don’t like it. Litter can get caught in the ditch and lead into our nearest river or lake. It can also lead into our oceans. We need water for cooking and drinking so if we had an oil spill we wouldn’t be able to drink or cook with it. Some animals can mistake litter for food like a meat package and they can die. If your cat or dog died because of you littering, wouldn’t you be sad. It is the same of other animals I am helping people clean the world by going out and picking up garbage from ditches and roads so I can change the world. It is sad that people are doing this to our community.

Litter and carry lots of germs and you can get dieses from it. Every day should be earth day. One time my sister and I went out to find and pick up garbage and fond at lot of it. It was gross. If I had 1,0000 dollars I would spend it on stuff to help the enlivenment. I read in books that some of the garbage can land in the beach. Sometimes beaches get so dirty that they have to close the beach so it can be cleaned. It sickens me that how much people litter.

There should be a law about littering and if you litter you will go to you will bet a fine. Another thing is cigarette buds are often thrown out of cars that I call cruelty and you should go to jail. If that happened their wood be a lot of people in your local jail. If a baby picks up a cigarette bud and eats it they can die.

I don’t know if people know this but cans can be worth money like 5 or 10 cents all you have to do is bring your can to a place that collets cans like the one in auburn N.Y. and if you throw all of you cans away you are throwing away your money. If I was an adult I would not want to throw away my money. Well, I am Kayla Nichols and I want to make a difference. Remember when you throw away a can you are throwing away an animals or babies life.


Kayla Nichols

Dear editor,

I am a 5th grade student at A.J. Smith Elementary. I am very concerned about garbage. The amount of garbage looks like it is growing and that worries me a lot. Pretty soon there will be no animals left and people will be getting sick. Before you know it our landfills will take up all of our room for living. Some landfills can be a big problem. I’ll tell you why. Some chemicals can leak out of the landfill into houses and factories I see more people littering. You know what that means, people are not caring anymore. That is sad.

I have some suggestion to keep garbage where I live away so my family will be safe. On Earth Day, all my cousins, aunts, uncle, and even my grandma and grandpa go out to pick up garbage. You would not believe what we picked up. There were 3 whole bags. That is sad. That shows more people do not care about animals and people around where they live. My grandma gave me this thought; you may not know that behind the pretty hills can be a mess with all the trash. It used to be pretty, but some people ruined for our animals and environment. Do you want to help the government? Around your town, city, where ever you live, if you see garbage laying around, pick it up. You can set up a recycling bin near the ocean with fish in the water and before you know it, it is filled with cans and tabs. Bring the tabs to school and the cans to a place where they recycle. You or your parents talk about the recycling bin idea and try it. You never know if it would work.


Hannah Patterson

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