Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Immortal Storm, pt 5

The Futurians, Asimov writes, were, perhaps, the most remarkable science fiction club that ever existed. Among the group that formed it or later joined fo rlonger or shorter periods after its formation were people who in later life were extremely important to science fiction as writers or editors or both. They included Frederik Phol, Donald A. Wollheim, Cyril Kornbluth, Robert W. Lowndes, Richard Wilson, Damon Knight and James Blish, for instance.

It included me too, for that matter, for the September 15 postcard was from Fred Pohl and I was invited to attend the first meeting of the new club at a place in Brooklyn on the following Sunday.

I was delighted. I knew mothing of the split up, nothing of the existence of the two factions or of the nature of either. I naturally thought that I was being invited to the club that Rubinson had mentioned and that its meeting in Brooklyn, rather than Queens, was a lucky break that made it easier to reach.

Once I learned of the split, much later on, I did not, you understand, feel either cheated or hoodwinked. As a matter of fact, had I known of the issues involved, I would, of my own accord, have joined with the Futurian group, the members of which have been, by and large, among the most intelligent (if sometimes erratic) people I have ever known, and the surviving members of which are still all my friends.


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