Monday, October 3, 2011

March 1962: That's Life!

In this essay, Asimov mentions his son David for the first time. He will reference him perhaps twice more, before never mentioning again and focusing on his "blond-haired blue-eyed daughter Robyn" for the rest of his anecdotes.
My son is fiendishly interested in outer space. This is entirely without reference to his father's occupation, concerning which he is possessed of complete apathy. Anyway, in honor of this interest of his, we once bought a recording of a humoruos skit entitled "The Astronaut" (which was soon worn so thin as the result of repeated playings, that the needle [of the vinyl record] delivered both sides simultaneously.

At one point in this recording, the interviewer asks the astronaut whether he expects to find life on Mars, and the astronaut answers thouhtfully, "Maybe...if I land on Saturday night."

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