Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Asimov and the Futurians pt 10

On Saturday, a day when "Papa is sick, the cat is sick, and Minnie had her tooth pulled," Asimov went to Rubinson's home and agreed to buy his entire magazine collection for $2.50. He signed a contract to that effect and made a down payment of 50 cents. "Mama put up a devil of a kick when she saw them, but I'll get the Amazings and Wonders yet."

The fifth meeting, on November 13, apparently was held in the Flatbush YCL hall again. I [Damon Knight] take this account from Dick Wilson's Science Fiction News Letter, November 26, 1938:
The Futurian Society's meeting of Nov 13 featured a debate between Donald A. Wollheim & Isaac Asimov, with Mr. Wollheim resolving that the martians, who landed in New Jersey on Halloween eve, should replace homo sapiens as inhabitants of Earth.

Will continue the story of this meeting tomorrow.

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