Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Asimov and the Futurians, pt 13

At the meeting on Feb 26, 1939, according to the Science Fiction News Letter:
The "Things to Come" suite and other recorded fantastic music was played for the edification of members' asthetic sides. Not scheduled were playing same pieces backward & taking of Asimov on thrilling rocket-ride, blindfolded, with eggbeater, clanking spoons, spacial sound effects. Mr. A was also successdully levitated*, after involved, highly complicated ritual.

The Futurians' method of levitating someone was to get him to lie down on a couch or floor, telling him that after a short time he would rise, "untouched by human hands." Then they just left him there; when he got tired of this he would get up, and the Futurians would say, "See?"

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