Thursday, September 9, 2010

Asimov and the Futurians pt 8

The third Futurian meeting was held at Jack Gillespie's home near Fort Tryon Park, the highest point in Manhattan. Asimov got out at the wrong subway exit and had to go down "a series of precipices and steps."
Pohl wasn't there for some obscure reason. [James] Blish, Michel and Wollheim, who were there, want to break up the Futurians and organize it on a much wider basis, including all sorts of persons with a Futurian mind, whatever that is, and taking all the politics out of it. I opposed it like hell, but got nowhere. The meeting broke up about 5:45, and I went home with Kubilis, who is a 6-foot-6 guy.

Walter Kubilis (later Kubiius) who appears seldom in this chronicle, is a gentle, soft-spoken Lithuanian-American. Nobody I talked to had anything but good to say of him. Pohl, for instance, calls him a really sweet person-a decent, intelligent human being.

James Blish, then 17, lived with his mother in New Jersey, he attended Futurian meetings for a year or so, then went to college and was seen infrequently until 1944.

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